We are each a Spark-of-Divinity!

Soul in Balance
Soul in Balance!

Welcome to Energy Boomerang where we each can grow together as we journey through this life of challenge and awesomeness!

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We are all learning to encourage ourselves and one another with new understandings for better thinking, better nutrition and better living!

As we learn to focus on better feel-good emotions … the Universe will respond by bringing more wellness in all aspects of our lives.  It’s the loving way that the Universe of love works … and we are each a living and eternal part of it all!  We just have to believe it.

Whatever you believe in your heart, with all sincerity … will come back to you like an Energy Boomerang!

So, Whatever things are good … keep your intentions focused on these things … and choose Joy!

If the happy, wacky face above makes you smile

… Then its likely that you are a “Hue-man!” … a “Being of Light!”

Feelings are Energy …

The feelings in you are the active feedback of the energy flow that you can feel … stay tuned with your happy frequencies … because that’s the signal that you are sending out … and it will come back to you like a boomerang!

Jeff's dog Shadow!
Jeff’s Dog … Shadow!

(even your dog can feel it!)

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