Back to Your Future – Energy Boomerang!

In the Now!

Hey guys … I’m back in the present and very excited to share some reflections looking back along with great expectations for our prosperous future! After-all, we are on this journey together.

Back in the day, I lived and worked in San Francisco, CA as a young engineer. I was very happy and experienced excitement and prosperity during that time. I experienced great joy and the heartbreak of divorce which knocked my feet out from under me.

Looking back and reflecting with more perspective in life … I know with my whole being … that life is like an Energy Boomerang … we tend go back to our Future! I am learning how to break the old destructive habitual thinking.

Boat-ride to ecstasy

in the day, I had a great window office in a high-rise building overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Each day I was energized by the great panoramic views from my office windows. At the end of the day, I would walk two-blocks to the commuter panoramic-boat for my trip across the Bay to my house located up on a hill overlooking the town of Tiburon below.

I was happily married at that time and enjoyed two, large, Alaskan Malamute dogs who always greeted my with glee when I got home! With a glass of Cabernet Cavingnon in my hand, bathed in the hot-bubbles of my redwood hot-tub, I would close my eyes and feel the gratitude for so many blessings as I enjoyed the warm evening glow of the setting sun on my face. Ahhh … all is good.

George Lucas – Industrial Light and Magic

I was having the time of my life and everyday proved to be an exciting adventure. Each sunrise unfolded with unanticipated joy and excitement.

As a fun adventure, I joined a few friend as we together answered a Casting-call for the movie … Die Hard 2. I joined 200 perspective candidates as the Director and his staff patiently made their decisions. Two of my friends were selected for the EMS (Emergency Health and Rescue) team and to my surprise … I was selected as a “Bruce Willis stand-in” for several scenes in the movie. The picture above is me dressed in Bruce’s cloths while the make-up artist began making me look bloody. (I sent the photo that you see here to my Mom!)

Looking back again, I have no doubt in my mind that I was experiencing the direct outflow of happy, fun-filled enthusiasm. With greater perspective, I now know that the “Lay Of Attraction” is valid and very real.

The out-flow of a Broken Heart

As a happy engineer with a big company in San Francisco, I unfortunately became the innocent victim in a company cover-up involved with the illegal drug-trade regarding shipments of supplies to-and-from the North Slope of Alaska. On that day, I was wrongfully terminated and my personal belonging awaited my downstairs curbside. I took a take a sad, low-frequency cab-ride back to my home in Tiburon. Yes, I soon thereafter hired an attorney to do battle. Litigation with the company lasted for 3 years. The case was ruled in my favor with a $7MM settlement … but the lawyers filed an appeal in the Suppream Court and the case was thrown out because my attorney did not file the necessary paperwork on time and the case was dismissed. Two days later, my wife handed my divorce papers … cleaned out my house, took one of my dogs … and left.

Bathed in Eucalyptus and Sadness

I was fortunate to get a good job the next day (with a former client) and I commuted to my new job in Napa Valley, California. From my house in Tiburon, I drove my motorcycle with the wind in my fade while immersed in the fragrant aromas of the Eucalyptus forest along the drive. The job went well but I entered into a period of deep sadness.

A month later, my male Malamute, “Yukon Jake” had stopped eating and drinking water. He died and I took his body and set it adrift in the ocean. I sobbed painfully as the waves took him away.

My life was falling apart. I had to sell the house and moved into an apartment.

I lived a sad single life for 10 years after that. I did eventually get remarried and have three beautiful children. The prior heartache continued to plaque we with low self-esteem issues. My twin daughters (now age 18) were 11 months old when I experienced the traumatic brain injury. Yes it seems harsh but “free-will” brings the consequences of stinkin-thinkin.

Yes, it’s been quite a rocky road and I am sincere when I say, “I feel a new sense of peace and encouragement in my heart and soul.”

I’m getting better now everyday

It’s been quite a journey. With a deeply improved perception, I know and believe that my predominant feeling and beliefs directly influence the outflow of life. All the great wisdom of old, speaks strongly with the same message … I am an eternal “Spark-of-Divinity” and I create the very things that I think and believe with my strong emotions.

I know with all confidence that my soul is eternal and my body is temporal. Like each of us, I am here with a purpose. My purpose is to reach inwardly to my soul … and outward to myself and others with ongoing, loving intentions.

Call it faith, call it positive expectations or whatever floats-your-boat …. we are all greatly loved …. and that’s the Good News.

My life is a reflection of the belief that is in my heard.

We each make our own contributions to the energy grid in life. Our collective contributions are coming back to us like an energy boomerang.

I can see it … I can feel it …. I know it!

Our awesomeness precedes us!


16 thoughts on “Back to Your Future – Energy Boomerang!”

  1. Hi, John!

    I can appreciate that you have shared a little of your history with the world. It’s so nice to be able to get an idea of who is behind the keyboard! 🙂

    While you have gone through a significant set of life’s unfair circumstances, it is obvious that you’re coming out on top of it all. Your positivity has certainly helped you overcome the struggles you’ve faced – with integrity. Kudos to you!

    Life changes in an instant, as you’re well aware. I’m admirable of the path you’re choosing now! Your awesomeness precedes YOU!! 🙂 Continued Blessings!

    1. Thanks for adding the Comment to the “Back to your Future” post!

      Yes, the mutual admiration feels good and is contagious!

      Best, John

  2. Hey John,

    This is a true testimony of faith. With faith you can overcome all obstacles that life throws in your direction. Thank you for inviting me to navigate your profile, I ended up here.

    Be blessed,

  3. I loved reading your life story, John! You’ve been through a lot but that’s what life is about. It took you to the biggest depth of sorrow and it lifted you up through your traumatic experience. What a great result, a new John!
    I agree destructive habitual thinking doesn’t serve us, it makes us feel low and useless. It is only because we live in such a society and are brought up this way. But we all are souls with divine sparkle and our life has a purpose.
    Spreading love is so powerful, you know that but there are still many people who don’t. I’m sure you will do a lot of good things in the time ahead.
    Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

    1. Thanks Lenka, I sincerely appreciate your find words and encouragement … and yes I agree with you … we are an awesome Spark-of-Divinity!

      See ya soon,

  4. Very friendly and easy to navigate business website you have, I enjoyed your article very much especially you sharing your own experience. I am leaving feeling very motivated and positive, I thank you for putting so much time into this article


  5. Thank you very much for sharing your story. It is very inspiring and interesting.
    I finally get the name “boomerang” and your experience explains it very well.
    I myself tend to overthink everything and might be putting out confused and even negative vibrations when all we need is sincere joy and caring.
    I am grateful to have read your article,
    Thank you very much

    1. Janie, I’m glad that you enjoyed reading a little about my journey. Yes, we each make ongoing contributions to our on energy-grid. Some of our thoughts a more loving (high-frequency) than others. Of courses, it’s healthier to have more frequent, high-frequency thought and emotions … as our electromagnetic thought spread throughout the cosmos … they come back to us once again. Live a boomerang, our thoughts come back to us like regurgitation! I am getting better at creating less regurgitation and more Joy! Best, John

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