Catch a Lift – Rendezvous with Destiny!

Reading the Waves

At this time, born in the mountains of Colorado and I always dreamed of taking a trip to the ocean. After graduation from college in Golden Colorado it took a job as an engineer with a major large company located in New Orleans, LA. Finally, At this time, near the ocean!.

One of my co-workers owned a 27′ racing sloop (a speedy sailing craft) and I loved it. As a newbie landlubber, I learned the basics quickly with nautical terms like … port and starboard … stern and bow … and dozens of other terms as well. An exciting part of sailing being optimized for speed … is to learn how to “read the wind!” When the wind drops … the sails drop and hang limp … until the next puff of wind fills the sails then once again your moving. During the periods of low-wing, the experienced sailors would not focus their attention of the sails, but instead look off across the water … towards the direction of the oncoming source of wind. When the wind is flat and calm, there are no ripples on the water … but small puffs of wind disturb the surface of the water making little waves that change the color to a more defused shade.

The best and fastest sailors can look into the future and anticipate the next puff of oncoming wind. With experience and proper focus, a well led crew know when to expect each change in wind speed … when the wind comes … the sails will fill … and we’re racing again! The most experienced sailors know how the Catch a Lift!

Downwind and easy sailing!

I lived in San Francisco, California for ten years, owned a 40′ racing sloop named Ambush entered many competitive races. I won some and lost some but every race, just like life in general, was a unique experience. One particular experience that I now recall was a downwind race from San Francisco Bay down the coast the Santa Cruise, California. This type of downwind race (with my ultra-light racing sloop) was a true Sled-ride on the water!

Every boat moves across the water experiences certain forces that limit the speed. There a many factors involved that limit speed until a craft reaching a maximum terminal velocity. The ultra-light racing sloop, pushed from behind by a steady wind, and timed with the forward-push of a wave … could and would escape the limiting forces of friction … and pop up and begins surfing at great speed lake a bat-out-of-hell! Great exhilaration … great fun!

On one occasion we were surfing so fast that we buried the bow of the boat in the back of an oncoming wave and “went submerged” Instead of riding up over the wave, be made like a torpedo … straight through it! There was much to relive back at the marina that night … and I am reliving it right now and the adrenaline is still pumping.



Upwind and touch going!

Wind and waves!

The next day began the upward crawl against the wing on the 90-mile voyage back to the San Francisco.bay. We were about 10 miles north of Santa Cruz when we encountered a gale-force headwind. The waves were large, steep, and often. As the boat encountered each wave, the ultra-light would fly out of the water and be momentarily airborne only to come crashing down again as the boat began its next steep climb up the face on the next oncoming wave. Each time the craft would launch into the air then shutter, shake and groaning with structural strain we continued slowly northward. Exhausted and fearing for our lives, we radioed the Coast Guard who plucked us out from the midst of the 65 mph gale-force wind. Finally, that evening we were safe back at the marina as the wind continued to howl.


“As above, So below!”

We can observe the motion of ocean waves … but the same principles apply to the waves of energy that stream through every organ and cell of the human body. As in the ocean … with upwind energy and downwind energy … our thoughts and emotions contribute to a continuous flow of energy.


You may have heard the quote, “As above, So Below” which came from the ancient texts of the 2nd century Egyptian-Greek philosopher named Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes authored the book, “Hermetic Corpus.” The texts discusses the divine, the cosmos, mind, and nature. Back in 2002, I awoke from a coma, totally paralyzed from physical injury to the brain … and I pondered this ancient wisdom from Hermes.


Am I a Light-being?

At that time, I was still receiving care in the emergency trauma ward of the hospital …. when I had a strong vision.Laying on the bed and looking upwards towards the ceiling, I say a clear-as-day vision of a white-clothed person who spoke to me very clearly with words of encouragement and direction. The feeling at that moment were so overwhelmingly exhilarating … that my eyes flowed with tears of joy and well-being. It was at that moment that I felt that I had finally come home to where I belong.



Seeking each day to “Catch a Lift”

I have been tossed to-and-fro by the waves of life. I have seen and experienced the joy of my children’s birth … and experienced the emotional sadness of divorce and death. Through it all, I am increasingly aware that we each play a major role in the day-to-day reality that we experience.

I know that I really am a Light-being and that there is powerful energy in my thoughts … and in my beliefs … and in my words. In know that, “Whatever things are true,” … that I need to focus on good, happy thoughts. I will continue the Catch a Lift and I am at peace knowing that it is my Rendezvous with Destiny!

With sincerity and Joy,


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