Free love test – Do you have a kink-in-your think?

Do you have a Kink-in-your think?

Can’t find true love … maybe you have a Kink-in-your Think!


On the topic of failure, Thomas Edison quoted, “I have not failed … I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work!”


That kind-of sounds like me with two failed marriage relationships. Perhaps I will be inspired to take another plunge one day … but before that … wouldn’t it be great to find that perfect Soul-mate? Wouldn’t it be great to take a “Free Love Test” to see how to avoid the obstacles that prevent the free discover of the “perfect partner?” Perhaps there is a Kink-in-your think too that keeps you attracted to the wrong type. Well, call me a green frog … that’s certainly been the case for me. Arrg! … The new way of thinking … and good things are already on the way! I know it and I can feel it!



This Toad (me) is getting better

Sometimes my thoughts and words are not tastful. Yes, we each make ongoing contributions to our on energy-grid. Some of our thoughts are more loving (high-frequency) than others. Of courses, it’s healthier to have more frequent, high-frequency thought and emotions … as our electromagnetic thought spread throughout the cosmos … they come back to us once again. Live ripples on the water, like tossing a boomerang, our thoughts come back to us … and often we just regurgitation then once again!

When I am in a bad mood, it’s likely that I am chewing on old thought-energy that I sent out last week. The cosmos is certainly a very large pond.

I am experiencing more joy and contentment now as a directs result of for the good-vibes that I dropped into my thought-pond just last week!  Take the “Free Love Test” for yourself.  Love with come back to you soon.

Stay funded to a happy frequency!

Feel me later too,




4 thoughts on “Free love test – Do you have a kink-in-your think?”

  1. Hey, John. This is a great article! I wish you success in your continual repair of the kink-in-your-think with your focus on good things! That’s advice that we all need to take hold of. Thanks, again for sharing.

  2. I second Joanie’s comment! I love your Niche, your writing style, and the creative way you bring it together. This community is a tangible example of the energy propelling that Boomerang and I look forward to reading more of your content. Thank you for You, and the best success all ways.

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