Give me Higher Love – Magnetic Boomerang

Let there be Light

The image above is that of a pair of human hands as pictured with Kirlian Photography. The image is the outflow of electrical Coronal discharge emitted from the hands. The human body emits a constant flow of energy (our Aura!) that can be measured to exist some 3 meters outwardly from the body. This aura probably extends outwardly to infinity … but that just my opinion. In the real-time Kirlian video images you can watch the colors and intensities actually change as a function of emotions and thoughts. The coronal colors display a video image of happiness. I am becoming more deliberate in my Choosing a Higher Love … because I know that I am a Magnetic Boomerang!


We are each Magnetic Boomerangs!

Whatever things that we think and believe with strong emotion (E-motion … energy in motion!) are electromagnetic emissions that are generated minutes-by-minute outwardly by each of us.

Each electromagnet signal has a color and light spectrum that is activity transmitted through the universe. Each signal has a specific frequency that can be measured.

As the signals travel through the universe …. each signal is attracted to signals of the same frequency. So, when I send out happy thought … those happy thoughts gather other thoughts (and people) with the same predominate frequencies. Very cool! (Think for a minute … you can actually witness this happening in the WA community.)


But John … what about the bad stuff?

Yes we each do make negative emotional contributions of the energy grid. Like an Energy Boomerang, the unwanted energy comes back to us in the future. That’s why you might be saying, “But John, I have been deliberately managing my thoughts … but I keep witnessing the same-o-same-o negative stuff … so what’s up with that?”

It’s OK … just remember that some old-negative stuff is still out there bouncing around in the universe and coming back to the frequency source (that was probably you this last week!)

But the more you choose to focus on the good stuff … the more momentum your good-stuff will generate. As your color-grid becomes brighter … and as your color spectrum becomes happier …. The more your life will reflect the colors of Happy Rainbows!


Choosing a Higher Love

By making more deliberate chooses towards happiness and well-being … we will receive the return of higher frequencies that return to our day-to-day life.

Every color of light has a particular frequency.

Every photon of light coming from its source … has a particular “Hue” or color.

In short, you have a particular hue … you are a Human!

And we are each Awesomely Loved!


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