Happiness frequency music – Joyful Noise!

Sound Board

Sound-board making good vibes!

When I woke up this morning I had a great feeling inside of me … and music was continually flowing through my whole body. This “happiness frequency music” that I was experiencing resulted in a spontaneous happy grin that broke out all over my face! I pored a cup of morning organic coffee … and it felt and smelled awesome!

In contrast, …

Yes, it certainly feels great when we are in a good mood … but responsibilities and obligations tend to spoil our proverbial punch-bole. I am learning and understanding now that my prolonged focus of these typical negative thoughts … only puts me in a bad mood. I understand now, that “thoughts are things” and by focusing on the negative thoughts, (sometimes persistently, sometimes stubbornly, sometimes ignorantly and usually habitually) I often stub-my-own toe while immersed in the negative emotional funk.

I’m more-often aware of my negative tendencies … and I am excited to say that my life is changing for the better as a direct result of my improved thought management.

Going forward with joy …

Proper thought management is the key skill for creating a better … happier … more joyful life!

Happy thoughts today directly influence the outflow of good life-experiences tomorrow. I am with all certainty convinced that I can expect good this in my life tomorrow as a direct result of the good thought today. Either way, good or bad … I am responsible and I am free to choose. I am becoming a more deliberate creator.

We are Electromagnetic Beings …

When you look at a rainbow you see the awesome spectrum of color that dances in the sky and the warm feeling of zeal that bounces in your heart. I know you know the feeling that I am describing.

Whatever you think and believe, with strong emotion … will directly become your reality. I see this in nature … I see this in science … I see this at the core of most religions … I see this in my own life … and I feel the truth of it in my heart!

The great teachers of the past such as Albert Einstein, the Christ, Buddha, Gandhi to name a few, all pointed to the truth that there is Light within You! You are a Spark-of-Divinity … and that exciting truth.


Great Expectations …

Let’s keep the encouragement spoken. Let’s keep the good vibes flowing! With our individual hearts … let’s each generate an optimistic contribution to the electromagnetic field of energy. It’s all around us … and we are drinking from the energy-soup … and to world is becoming a better place … I can see it … I can feel it … good things are happening …. because we are all choosing to be happier! So let it be. Keep the Happiness Frequencie Music flowing. Together we’re making a Joyful Noise!

With good vibrations,


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