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Happy faces!

If you are chuckling … then awesomeness!

As we each experience the individual journey of life, we recall the good times … and the not-so-good times. With age, we each acquire a broadened perspective on life and we tend to ask ourselves deeper questions like … who am I … what’s my purpose … where am I going?

It is with greater clarity that I now (years later) know that “I am who I am” and what it means to be a Magnetic Personality!


Law-of-Attraction …

Most of us have a basic understand of some universal laws like gravity … but we are often unclear about this Law-of-Attraction stuff. We are often led to believe (incorrectly) that the Law-of-Attraction says, “you get what you want.” But that is not correct … the truth of the Law-of-Attraction is that, “you get who you are!”


Let’s get some perspective …

Quantum physics via the “Double Slit Experiment” proves that an individual personal beliefs and persistent moods actually cause the results that we each observe and experience I have attached a short YouTube video link above that does a great job of explanation.

Where your focus goes … energy flows. Dr. Quantum and many wise teachers have all pointed out that “thoughts are things” and you get what you Focus on.

When your brain and heart are coherent and focused on a late-past-due-bill … the electromagnetic signals emanating from you combine that make an emotional-cocktail that serves up the same low-frequency stuff. The same habitual thought pasterns that we keep tossing out … like a human boomerang … those intense emotions come right back in our face. Most likely, we just keep to bad-thought volleyball game active and come back again serving after serving for more. Sound familiar?

Change your thoughts … change your life!

The good news is that we can each change our lives for the better be learning to manage our thoughts and emotions more deliberately. There are many methods and techniques for the optimization of your thoughts and feeling which I will not attempt here. But I will encourage each of us to be quick to recognize the negative thought pastern of funk that you are in and be quick to focus of a happy thought. It’s really important to develop this skill.

I am an eternal Spark-of-Divinigy … and so are you! Through knowledge and encouragement we can help each other to experience more fulfilling lives and soar with enthusiasm!

So glad to be glad,



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