Ice caves secret – It’s all in your heart!

It's all in your Heart!

Do you have a frozen heart?

When I was 9 years old, my older brother and I enjoyed spelunking in the Ice-Caves located just a few miles northwest of Palmer Lake, Colorado. The Ice-Caves were the perfect recipe for adventure-seeking youth eager to test their rock climbing and mountaineering skills. In the Summer the caves were wet, pitch-black without a flashlight while the Winter months had a total different landscape and experience. Looking back on it now, I have a much better perspective and understanding of the “Ice Caves Secret!”


Summer in the Caves

In the Summer months the caves in the front-range of the Colorado Rockies consist of large granite boulders (hence the familiar names like Boulder, CO. etc.) that have been piled up as the result of the mountain building uplift of deep-seeded geologic formations. In time, the spring runoff of melted snow bringing graver and sand to fills the spaces between to boulders. The resultant pile of material creates an extensive labyrinth waiting to be explored. Equipped with flashlights and hundreds of feet of rope (or twin for retracing your path), many hours of spelunking are available for the young at heart.

The Winter Transformation

Ice CavesIn the Winter time the subsurface is transformed into a beautiful icescape. Water from snowfall above fills the passageways with flat horizontal layers of ice sheets that are perfects for sliding or walking depending on the unique height of each passageway.

Certain passageways are deep enough underground to stay above freezing and flows freely with subsurface streams and rivers. The mix of ice and running water is breathtaking.

When the ceiling clearance of the passageways becomes reduced, that only way to move from cavern-to-cavern is to lay down on your back (with flashlight in hand) and slide on the ice as your feet scoot yourself across the ice. It is quite exhilarating to experience.

In places, you can actually find passageways go deeply enough to access the ice … be neigh the underground river! There is an overwhelming sense of exhilarating (and fear) being hundreds of feet below ground, with your back on the ice, feeling the power and shaking of the underground waterfall directly above your head. Wow! With adrenaline pumping, ground shaking and feeling of claustrophobia mounting …. then at the same time … everybody turns of the lights and become bathed in total pitch-blackness.

With the overwhelming combination of fear and exhilaration, most people lose bodily control (including sphincter muscles) and begin to panic! It’s great fun … Haa!


Back to the Future

Looking back at the Ice-Cave experiences, I now ponder my inner responses to times of extreme stress. I also consider the inner effects of less stressful … more mundane daily life that we each experience. I am increasingly aware that my thoughts and emotions directly affect the unfolding of my moment-to-moment life experience.

Wise and learned teachings from Albert Einstein, The Christ, Buddha, Gandhi and others strongly encourage and teach that positive life-experience results from proper thought and feeling management. Some have called this inner thought management a Secret. The teachers of old have been speaking this truth … let’s all be better listeners.

It’s not a Secret

As I ponder the Ice Caves Secret, I feel encouragement, I feel hopeful, I feel appreciation, and I feel inspired by an inner knowing that it’s not a Secret … it’s here in plain sight! I just need to adjust my focus to see it.

You may be asking, so how do I adjust my focus … how do I look within?


The first step is to chill-out … get mellow … and be happy!


Adjust your focus!


But you may be saying, “John, my life is a mess, I’ve got outstanding bills to pay, my love-life is in the crapper and on-and-on.” Well, the first practical advice is to stop focusing on the problems.


In the current understand of quantum physics, as verified by the Double-Slit Experiment” …. it is provable that Thoughts are Things!

Every thought and every emotion is a thing …. in fact … it is Energy! It can also be provable that the human heart is an extremely powerful electromagnetic generator of Energy. (The EKG actually measures the strength of the electromagnetic impulse as it travels through the heart.)

For three years now I have been following the research studies from HeartMath and I personally own an Inner Balance sensor that measures and track the electromagnetic coherence between my heart and brain. Very cool stuff!


Meditation is essential to well-being

Stresses often associated with daily life causes disharmony, dysfunction and dis-ease. The quality of life is the observable outflow. Good health and prosperity requires good thought management. But our minds tend to be overworked and unfocused with a constant bombardment of thoughts. As a solution, it’s important to slow down the inner cascade of thoughts by focussing on a single thought. I do not intend to discuss the techniques of medetation here in any detail but I do mention the important of daily meditaion for health and wellness.

Be Happy!

Where ever you are, what ever you go … what every you think … you are in an Electromagnet Universe … above you … and also within you. You are an awesome Spark-of-Divinity and capable (and responsible) for your life. I am increasingly aware that i can learn from my life experiences and I encourage you to keep your mind and heart focused on good thing. I’m still getting better too!

With increasing Joy and Love,






2 thoughts on “Ice caves secret – It’s all in your heart!”

  1. What a wonderful analogy for such an important and beautiful matter. It is all energy and everything flows, changes. I guess, you are right, it is so exciting to follow the research on our inner power. Which can be measured scientifically!
    Wow, interesting and intriguing!
    Thank you for sharing,

    1. Thanks Janie for your warm reply. I am so glad to be able to share my thoughts with you and others. Prior to my experience with brain injury, I was quite accomplished with the Trumpet and Guitar. While I don’t play an instrument currently, I am learning to hear and feel the music in my heart. I am glad to hear and feel your music too!

      Best, John

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