Near Death Experience – Beyond and Back!

Near Death Experience (NDE) – Beyond and Back!Near Death Experience

Most of us fear death! We all expect to experience our own mortality at some distant point in the future. For some of us, we have already tasted the feeling … the sounds … and the sensations of, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door!”

Previously, I shared portions of my own NDE … but I’d like to formally invite any of you to share parts of your own story with us.

Some questions that people may be asking:

Did you see demons?

Did you see angels?

Did you feel fear?

Did you see God?

Did you feel peace and joy?

Thanks in advance for sharing your individual NDE,

Best, John

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4 thoughts on “Near Death Experience – Beyond and Back!”

  1. Hey John, I hope you’re well this evening (well, it’s 21:20 here). I had an NDE but didn’t although some detail is sketchy and still clarifying, except one thing. I left planet earth and returned 100% to spirit where everything was complete. No thoughts of life as we know it here, only complete peace. This makes total sense because my life was far from peaceful at that time. I believe the message told me that peace can be found on both sides. Although it’s not as simple as ‘sides’. There are crossovers for all of us, all the time, although life stops us seeing what we truly are. Part of a connected whole and our (as I wrote the other day) default is love.
    The NDE happened after a simple ankle operation that resulted in a clot on my lungs 3 weeks later, I passed out and didn’t respond again for 3 days. Doctors seemed confused, I was not at all confused when I woke up. I’ve had many reminders since in the form of overwhelming feelings / messages / thoughts that are so powerful yet warming that I know they are not regular thought patterns. As I write now, I feel butterflies in my stomach, this happens every time I connect. I share detail from my NDE in most things I write but don’t feel that communicating directly with most most people will help. With others such as you I know it’s OK. I’ve always enjoyed writing but since the NDE, I feel as though I am pushed in a very loving way to write and sometimes what I write surprises me, as though I wasn’t fully conscious of how the words formed. I also know that I have much to do here, in this life and I don’t mean finding success, it goes far beyond that. I know my purpose but there are many details to complete. Before the NDE I had virtually no idea what it was. I sat for a moment transmitting to you what I feel right now. Words simply don’t cut it although I know they can get pretty close when I switch off typical life events and allow the true flow.
    Peace & Love

    1. Thanks Steve for sharing part of your NDE journey. Yes, descriptive words do help to convey the experience, but there is really no way to adequately portray to vastness of the Higher-Love that we have tasted. I know that we will find more eager souls who are also willing to share. Sincerely, John

  2. DavidMoffett Premium 3 days ago
    Hi John,

    My Near Death Experience happened in the year of 2001, I came down with a really bad double-lung infection where it felt like I was “breathing through a straw,” not getting enough oxygen.

    I was coughing up some kind of “greenish infection” and I knew that I had better get to the hospital to see a doctor, but my illness had taken a bit of toll on me, so I thought I’d get some rest first before I go to the Henry Ford Hospital.

    As I lay down in bed, I remember sweating profusely and struggling to breathe; then I must’ve drifted off. The next thing I remember was wondering to myself, “How did I get up here to the ceiling?” Although I kept my bedroom darkened with all of my windows’ shades and curtains drawn-closed, I could still vividly see myself lying in bed from up above in complete darkness.

    I lived with my grandparents at that time, before they both later passed away; both of them knew that I was sick. I remember vividly watching my grandma walking through the house to one of my bedroom windows (which was located at our back porch), and I saw her listening in on me through my opened window to check and see if I was alright, mind you, my windows’ curtains and shades were closed tightly!

    (I later asked my grandma if she did indeed check on me through my window to validate what I saw, and she confirmed that it was exactly what she did do! I never shared this to my grandparents though, I thought maybe I was just out of my mind and I should keep it to myself for some reason.)

    I remember examining my body there in bed and looking closer and closer to my face resting there. The next thing I knew, I somehow ended up laying down on a field of grass with the sun shining on my resting face, there was a beautiful-overwhelming sense of peace and warmth.

    The next thing I knew I was back into my body, gathering myself up from bed thinking to myself, “Oh man, I better get going to the hospital, I can barely breathe!” At the ER I went through all kinds of tests and being put on a medicine breathing treatment, and the doctor assured me that I will be staying overnight!

    He says that it was good thing that I got there to the hospital because I could’ve died from this! I’m thinking to myself, “But I did die, doc.”

    After all these years I can still vividly remember every detail of my nde experience. I’m not afraid to die like I used to be, now under any dangerous circumstances I will avoid a situation to survive, and suicide is absolutely a heck-no-no! But I think that we don’t die as the body we’ve been accustomed to all our lives, for our spirits are already alive forever.

    Thank you for reading,

    1. Thanks David for sharing your own NDE with us. This kind of feed back is helpful to others who may have a fear of death rather than the onset of a happy chapter of existence. Best, John

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