On the mountain top – at the Source!

On the mountain top – at the Source!

Hey guys … John here … it’s 3:33 in the morning and I’m feeling inspired. Yes, it’s a good morning!

We all can recall times when we felt as if we were “On the mountain top.” With clear vision, we could see for miles outward to the horizon. The vista was breathtaking … you marveled at the beauty … an overwhelming sense of gratitude then coursed through your heart … and you felt as you were in the presence of God (or Source). You felt as if you were actually at the Source of all creation! Well, at that moment you were experiencing the elation … the ecstasy … of being connected with the Source of everything.


Then you came down from the Mountain

Then you … the human-being … came down from the Mountain … and went back to your existence as a human-doing while immersed in the trials and tribulations of life. [pause, ponder, reflect]

Now that you are down-from-the mountain, are you still feeling joy … or not? Yea, I get it … some times you probably feel pretty crappy … and that’s OK … I don’t condemn you and I also choose not to condemn myself for feeling that way at times too.

However, I am learning to just let it go … and choose to be more joyful. As Bobby McFerrin sang with a smile on his face, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” (my face is grinning right now!)

Also, I am now understanding with greater clarity, that the crappy, down-from-the mountain feeling is actually me own soul offering feedback … telling me that I am not in harmony with my Inner-being. When I am out-of-tune with my inner-soul … the emotions that I am feeling at that time is most likely fear.

I find it encouraging to know that fear is the emotional outflow that comes from being disconnected to Source.

It’s encouraging to know that I am so wonderfully fashioned, that my design within serves as an electromagnetic sensor (on the fear-gage) that tells me when I am disconnected to Source. When I am feeling fear, my biofeedback system is telling me that I am thing and feeling disconnected. It’s at these times when I have a “Kink-in-my-think” and have momentary amnesia … and that for a moment … I forgot that I am a Spark-of-Divinity and that I am awesome!


Feeling good – no stinkin’ thinkin’

Moving forward now (forgiveness), I find it so encouraging to know that I am so awesomely fashioned, that I have a build-in microprocessor-ish that gives vibrational feedback signals regarding my inner status of emotional balance. Fear, disharmony and worry are examples of vibrational misalignment. (Doctor, Doctor ouch … it hurts when I do that … then the reply …well, don’t do that!)

It’s encouraging to realize, that my inner-being is actually tuned in, on-duty and constantly boosting the signals so I can receive them more clearly. (How cool is that!?) … and the coolness quotient doesn’t stop there.

Also, my inner-being (my soul) knows the desires of my heart and loves me unconditionally, and is helping me to achieve my desires .. Yepi!

But often my negative thoughts and emotions serve up a counterproductive component to the energy glow. Like a boomerang, I’m tossing out negative signals that will bring back to very results that I don’t want. So, it’s critical to be in unison with my inner-being by listening to the signals and wake-up to the fact that I am a co-creator of my reality. I am now choosing to be more deliberate in my thinking. I am glad to have the opportunity to be a creator and not a misinformed regurgitation of old habitual thinking (stinkin’ thinkin’)..

Where focus goes … energy flows! So I am choosing to expect the best in myself and also to expect the best in others too. We can each change our own universe within … and we can also change to outward world! I believe we can all be on the mountain top together! So fellow “Hue-mans” … together we can choose to “Let it Be” … and like a boomerang, it will come back to us soon with Awesomeness!

Best, John

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