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Whatever you believe, 

that is alignment with Source …
… will come back to you soon!

Keep your Boomerang tuned for Awesomeness!


11 thoughts on “Products/Services”

    1. Hello Lenka, My intended Products/Services area will be focused on Health and Wellness. In the near future a will reach-out to a few Affiliate Programs to get the marketing effort moving. I will welcome any good suggestions! Best, John

        1. Also, If you every want to do some sort of TBI story, I have the CAT-scans which demonstrate that 45% of my Dura mater was destroyed and the best med-staff experts at that time, had never seen anyone survive nevertheless become functional again. Go figure!

          Best, John

  1. John, your site is beautiful. I see that you have a logo and it is clickable and it brings back your reader to the Home page. If you visit a site, like Apple, for example, you will notice that they don’t have a Home link in the menu bar. They don’t because their logo brings back the reader to the Home page. It is a way to show their logo to their readers as much as possible. If they do, that means it must be profitable for them.

    There is away from the menu element in your Team menu to hide le menu Home.

    It is only my thought, not really: it is a pro in web building that introduced me to this idea.

    Have a great day,

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