Rainbow emotions – Chicken or the Egg?

Rainbow Emotions!

Chicken or the Egg – What’s in your Gizzard?

We all want more joy in life … so how do we actually create it?

In short, we are constantly creating our own set of life-experiences in direct response to our predominate heart-felt emotions. Great spiritual teachers …. and the science of quantum physics …. both speak the emphatic truths that we each produce a colorful out flowing display of Rainbow Emotions!

So what’s the color of your Rainbow ….


Color is light …. light is energy ….. therefore color is Energy too. A rainbow is an awesome display of color in the sky that can be felt by everyone. I can recall times (and you most likely can too) when I have seen a rainbow that was so beautiful that it almost took my breath away. The strong emotional up-welling that I was feeling was in harmony with the colorful display in the sky …. It captured my focus …. and it felt glorious!

In contrast, however, we can all recall moments of strong negative emotion. Some times these strong negative emotions are short-lived …. sometimes the negative emotions are persistent generating a mood that lasts for days or even longer. I am sure that you can relate …. so how do we break the negative “funk” that we are in?


Upgrade your Focus …. Have Faith

Some times we have a tendency to mask our feeling and pretend to be happy. Through years of social conditioning, strong convictions and unhealthy work ethics …. I learned that feelings were not important. I was taught that conformity to certain condition, that “I would then be a good person.” I did what I was told …. I sucked-it-up …. and got to work. I learned to ignore my feelings.

I had no idea then how much harm that I was doing to myself (I was taught that to be a good person, that in fact …. I must die to self.) I was taught not to trust my feelings.

I now have a much broader perspective on life. I now understand the importance of proper focus …. and it’s the basis of true faith.


True Faith, is the universal knowing …. that I can seek and find …. a feeling of well-being …. even thouch I can’t see it at the moment.

By focusing on a feel-good emotion …. the feel-good life-experiences … will soon follow.


To the degree that I maintain positive focus ….. Life then flows with the more positive out flowing of love, joy and well-being.

The more I can deliberately choose to focus on well-being …. the more I experience the satisfying outflow of happy expectations.


So I am learning the importance of positive heart-felt focus on good happy thought …. let go of unhealthy thought and habits. Let’s all remove any masks that have a negative intention …. so we can experience the outward flow of inner-sincerity and make even better contributings to our self …. and to others as well.

Every emotion is like an electromagnetic boomerang …. every faithful expectation will soon follow!


With sincerity and harmony,



2 thoughts on “Rainbow emotions – Chicken or the Egg?”

  1. Hello John,
    You’ve written a creative article, and I have a couple questions. Is this rainbow of energy like someone’s aura, like the color around them that they project that others can perhaps see or for sure, feel?
    So for example, if I’m with someone who suddenly projects anger, would that mean that this person projects certain colors of anger?
    Also, I like your point that if I choose to keep my focus on good things that the positive energy I create will boomerang off of others, and will come back to me in those same positive colors. Do I understand you correctly?
    Thanks for your article.

    1. Thanks Joanie for your comment. I am certainly no expert but my understanding of color and light is growing.

      While I am not personally able to see the individual aura that is generated by all people, I have seen amazing images that can be produced by Kirlian Photography. Feel free to Google this and will see some great images.

      While I can’t see the energy, I am learning to better “feel” my personal energy … and also to feel the energy generated my others.

      For myself, I can feel the negative energy … like fear, anger, frustration, guilt, deceitfulness and more. Similarly, we can each learn to fee or “read” these emotions in others.

      I am also learning to better focus my own thought with higher frequencies of energy (such as Love, joy, peace, satisfaction, gratitude …etc.). The higher frequencies have are a different color that can be felt. (Dogs, cats and plants can feel it too!)

      So we each have the opportunity focus the energy and choose the Color by reaching for the happy thoughts and feelings. Even the wise teachers of antiquity understood the importance of maintaining a positive focus.

      Hope this was encouraging,

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