Start Affiliate Program – Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds!

I’m very excited that I now have my first Affiliate program!

I won’t reveal the identity cuz … it’s a secret!

But here are some hints … it’s smaller than an elephant and it does not use diesel fuel either. Haa!

Still need another hints?

It comes in many colors but it’s not a daubloon from a Mardi Gras parade.

Do you still need more hints?

Yea … it thought so.

OK another hint … sometimes in sounds like the wind …

and sometimes it explodes in your face!

Well, if you still can’t figure it out you’ll just have to go to my profile and navigate to my website to find out! Haa!

John's Vital Reds!


But seriously,

Dr. Steven Gundry’s products are truly awesome!

“As a scientist and health-nut, I was overjoyed to discover the “Vital Reds” performance powder.”

It combines the power of 34 superfruits with natural fat-burning ingredients and probiotics … Helping you enjoy rising energy, a “faster” metabolism, and greater clarity — from the inside out!

“It tastes great and I love the good Doc’s awesome products.”

(The other products are awesome too … I will showcase these in time too!)

Sincerely, John

Try some of Dr. Gundry’s awesome products … HERE!


6 thoughts on “Start Affiliate Program – Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds!”

  1. Hi John,

    Dawn Johnston from WA. My ex-husband who is a genius loves Dr. Gundry’s awesome products, he even was nice enough to give me a jar to try and I too loved it. I took a hit emotionally in the divorce, but I am now on the mend and getting my head back on straight, I hope!, LOL! Others may think otherwise!

    Keep being the great inspiration that you are, you are helping many more people than you can imagine!

    Stay strong my friend, humans are much more loving than the news/media would have us believe. Build and they (the lovers of humanity) will support you in any way that they are able – good people attract good people!

    Dawn Johnston, WA Member

    1. Wow! … thanks Dawn for the short-version of your life story. Your story is re-written each day but your own loving awesomeness. We are certainly attracted to others who are sincerely flowing with an inner spirit of infinite love.

      Expecting greatness for you too,

  2. Hi again John,

    What product would you recommend for me, I am pretty much on Q with diet, except when real busy I focus on protein and let my fruit and veges fall by the wayside. Should I go with the Reds, fruits or is there a fruit/vege combo which would be my preference.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hello Dawn,

      I am experiencing great results with the two “Vital Reds” and “Primal Plants” products. I expect that you too will feel the happy-glow of wellness with these two products.

      My best intentions,

  3. Hey John, Great looking site. I stumbled across Gundry’s products the other day, I liked his new gut fix video. If I wasn’t already committed to my first product I would be all over it too.

    best wishes

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