Where does Energy flow? – Understanding Energy

The question I asked myself?

What can I do to change my life?

… firstly, we all are energy …

… so, where does Energy flow?

Energy is flowing all around and is strongest in your heart!


Let’s back up and put a few things in perspective:

I was raised on a cattle/horse ranch in Colorado with pride in my hard-working … calloused hands. I was taught to “suck-it-up” … don’t be a pussy and get’er done!   Through it all, I learned many good life-lessons … however … I never learned the importance of being and feeling happy … not until many years later.


After high-school, I received an engineering degree and went out in the world in the pursuit of wealth, respect and happiness.

Most of the good thinks that I achieve through hard work seemed to be temporary at best.  After failed marriages, failed businesses and many physical injuries … I was seeking helpful solutions and answers.

Some good news! (Man … glad that’s over!”)

Ok … I asked the question, What can I do to change my life?

Well the answer is … we each have the ability (and responsibility) to change our lives on a moment by moment basis!  (… in fact we are each changing the outcome of our lives with each thought and feeling … much more on this in upcoming posts!)  In short, your thoughts and feelings are like boomerangs … whatever you toss in the air with your Energy Boomerang … will come back to you!

Energy is a thing!

Each thought and each feeling is energy that will eventually come back to you like a boomerang.  So it’s critical to become more aware of our thoughts and feeling which I like to call the Energy Boomerang!  The better I can manage the outflow of my personal energy boomerang … the better my life experience will be.

I am learning with increased consistency to be a better manager of my personal boomerang … as a result my like has taken a big turn for the better … and that’s the good news.

Stay tuned!

Gratitude is feel-good Energy!
Hands to the Sky!

So whatever is good, whatever is awesome … keep your mind and heart focused on these things.  Keep to good focus … keep the good happy thoughts and I will join you as together we explore this Electric Universe.  In is an exciting journey … I am very happy to be sharing this.  It is just the prelude of much more to come.  Keep your Energy Boomerang focused.  Stay tuned … chat soon.   With joy and love, John

3 thoughts on “Where does Energy flow? – Understanding Energy”

  1. Hi John, Somebody said, “where attention goes energy flows”, and while I agree that it’s flowing all around this incredible universe, we too can direct it it with our attention. I practice energy healing and I’m a reiki master – no magic involved it’s just about channeling the energy. We have to be careful though, negative attention often leads to negative energy or bad karma.
    Thank you for this post, I will be back for more.

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